Viral Hepatitis

To date, five viruses have been identified that target the liver and cause inflammatory infection. These viruses are referred to by the letters A, B, C, D and E, and vary according to their transmission mode (fecal-oral for A and E, parenteral for B and C) and their aggressive profile. Viral hepatitis is a major health problem with approximately half a billion people infected world-wide. The infection is characterized by mild to severe disease, including jaundice, fever, myalgia, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, fatty liver, cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer. Dott. Russo’ group is interested in clinical outcomes, translational studies, and therapeutic clinical trials for chronic hepatitis B and  C and liver transplant-related issues.


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-  2015: Open Source on HBV

-  2016: "Evaluation of new circulating markers in patients with HCV-related liver disease undergoing IFN-free therapy”

-  National Basic Research Activities

-  2018: "Evaluation of new circulating markers in patients with HCV-related liver disease undergoing IFN-free therapy”

People involved:

Francesco Paolo Russo, Associate Professor
Fabio Farinati, Full Professor
Patrizia Burra, Full Professor
Annarosa Floreani, Associate Professor

Group members:

Martina Gambato (consultant Hepatologist), Alberto Zanetto, Alberto Ferrarese, Salvatore Sciarrone, Sara Shalaby  and Martina Tessari (GI and Liver Fellows), Enrica Franceschet (Research Nurse)