Overview of the research lines

- Group 1: kidney (focus- oncological and functional outcomes of nephron-sparing surgery for kidney cancers).
- Group 2: prostate cancer (focus- MRI and MRI/US fusion biopsy for prostate cancer).
- Group 3: bladder cancer (focus- recurrent bladder cancer after intravesical therapy and after radical cystectomy).
- Group 4: functional urology, Endourology and paediatric urology.

In the Urology Section, we are currently developing multiple research lines, covering broad aspects of the field of urology. The main focus of our Department is to improve the

•        Prostate cancer: role of active surveillance, role of mpMRI and fusion biopsy, PET/CT imaging of primary and recurrent cancer, outcomes of surgical treatment (robotic prostatectomy) and improvement of functional results of surgical treatment, high risk prostate cancer, metabolic syndrome and prostate cancer
•        Kidney cancer: surgical nephron-sparing treatment, robotic partial nephrectomy, surgical safety for robotic surgery, surgical management of vena cava thrombosis
•        Bladder cancer: intravesical therapy in non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer, outcome predictors for radical cystectomy in bladder cancer, recurrent bladder cancer after radical cystectomy
•        Functional urology: urodynamics, surgical treatment of male and female stress incontinence
•        Upper urothelial tract tumours and ureteral stenoses: endourologic management
•        Paediatric Urology.

5 selected references:

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People involved:

Fabrizio Dal Moro, Associated Professor
Giacomo Novara, Associated Professor
Massimo Iafrate, Assistant Professor

Group members

Prof. R. Jeffrey Karnes – Associate professor of Urology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN - Dr. P. Beltrami – consultant at Urology Clinic -Dr. Dr. Fabio Zattoni, Dr. Alessandro Morlacco – PhD students -  Dr. Michele Colicchia, Dr. Matteo Soligo, Dr. Giovanni Motterle, Dr. Giovanni Costa, Dr. Zecchini – Urology residents.