Surgery of colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer worldwide and the second leading cause of death from cancer. For the past 20 years, our research group has been investigating on multiple aspects of CRC, from early diagnosis to surgical treatment. The main field of research is related to rectal cancer and the association with neoadjuvant treatment (NT) performing both translational and clinical researches.

Our research mostly focuses on:

- non-clinical predictive factors after NT, e.g. serum telomerase (hTERT), miRNA and microarrays

- application of rectal sparing approaches to patients with complete or major clinical response undergoing NT and investigation of surgical and oncological outcomes. The group recently completed the multicentre prospective ReSARCH trial and is drafting the first national registry on rectal sparing approaches (Re-Resarch registry);

- quality of life and bowel function in rectal cancer patients undergoing NT and/or rectal surgery;

- rectal cancer staging and re-staging with selective radiological techniques, as PET-MRI, to understand predictive elements of response to NT or local recurrence;

- implementation of radiomics protocols to define response to NT in rectal cancer patients;

- relation between hospital volume and and oncological, surgical and economic outcomes;

- surgical approach, early diagnosis and surveillance of hereditary colorectal cancer (FAP, a-FAP, HNPCC).



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People involved:

Prof. Pucciarelli Salvatore, MD (Full Professor)
Prof.ssa Gaya Spolverato, MD (Associate Professor)
Prof. Imerio Angriman, MD (Associate Professor)
Prof. EDL Urso, MD (Associate Professor)


Group Member

Scarpa Marco, MD (Faculty)
Maretto Isacco, MD (Faculty)
Perin Alessandro, MD (Faculty)
Ruffolo Cesare, MD(Faculty)
Bao Q. Riccardo (Assegnista di Ricerca)