Ovarian cancer

Overview of the research lines:

Management of BRCAm breast and ovarian cancer

HIPEC and adoptive immunotherapy for ovarian cancer

New approaches in the treatment of ovarian carcinoma include biological agents such as agents targeting angiogenesis pathway (monoclonal antibodies, small molecules TKIs), cytokines, adoptive autologous and allogenic cell therapy. Adoptive therapy with autologous LAK cells or tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes in association with high-dose of rhIL-2 has resulted in significant antitumour responses in some types of cancer such as melanoma and renal cell carcinoma. Santoli and co-workers at Winstar Institute of Philadelphia have developed a new cell therapy approach that might overcome the limitations of LAK/IL-2 therapy because it does not require the concomitant administration of exogenous cytokines, as IL-2 and it is not based on the patient’s lymphocytes. The approach consists on the systemic administration of the human major histocompatibility complex (MHC) non-restricted cytotoxic T cell line (TALL-104) that was established and characterized at the Winstar Institute.

5 Publications

Olaparib for metastatic breast cancer in patients with a germline BRCA mutation. Robson M, Im S, Senkus E, Xu B, Domchek SM, Masuda N, Delaloge S, Li W, Tung N, Armstrong A, Wu W, Goessl C, Runswick S, Conte P. New England Journal Of Medicine, vol. 377, pp. 523-533, 2017

Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Oral Cavity in a Woman With a 9-Year History of Ovarian Cancer: Is Exposure to Pegylated Liposomal Doxorubicin a Factor? Randon G, Nicoletto MO, Milite N., Muggia F., Conte P. Oncologist, 19:429, 2014

Maintenance therapy in epithelial ovarian cancer: from chemotherapy to targeted agents. Falci C, Dieci MV, Guarneri V, Soldà C, Bria E, Tortora G, Conte P. Expert Review Of Anticancer Therapy, vol. 14(9), pp. 1041-1050, 2014


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5x1000: Oncologia traslazionale - Metachronous breast ovary cancer

People involved:

Conte Pierfranco, Full Professor
Guarneri Valentina, Full Professor
Dieci Maria Vittoria, Associate Professor

Group members

Griguolo Gaia, Rumanò Laura, Giarratano Tommaso,Tasca Giulia (PhD), McMahon Laura, Tsvetkova Vassilena, Di Liso Elisabetta (Fellow), Falci Cristina, Ghiotto Cristina, Nicoletto Ornella, Bozza Fernando, De Salvo Gianluca (IOV, Medical Doctor)